Expert team of advocates and legal consultants in Qatar

Our legal experts are extremely user friendly and approachable specialist in law when the legal issues involved are complex and so combined.

The foundations of our service are built upon four principles: Commitment, Communication, Confidentiality and Honesty & Integrity.

How we can help you

Civil Disputes – Commercial – Labour & Employment – Administrative
Criminal Proceedings – all types of Misdemeanours and Crimes
Preparing Memorandums and Arbitration Requests
Drafting all types of Contracts in Arabic and English
Providing comprehensive Legal Consultancies in both Arabic and English
Drafting Appeals and Attending before the Appellant Court
Drafting Appeals and Attending before the Cassation Court
Preparing requests of Invalidity Proceeding for Arbitration Verdicts
Appearing before all Courts in State of Qatar
Preparing Grievances and Appeals against Administrative Resolutions
Appearing and Pleading before Arbitration Tribunals
Banking Disputes and Guarantees
Family Conflicts and Inheritance
Tenants Disputes
Preparing Companies Contracts in both Arabic and English, and providing Legal Consultancies relate to Companies Law